The historically distinguished EL FNA SQUARE , which is undoubtedly reminiscent of the vividly colourful and

enchanted realm of 1001 Nights, inhabits the prominent "Cafe de France" across from the KHARBOUCH Mosque,

which marks the actual entrance to the bustling Rahba Kedima quarter.

From there, the beautifully winding Derb Tabachi lane weaves down through a wide range of inviting Medina stalls

ultimately leading to a narrow lane, Derb Mesfioui, where the 280-year-old family palace Riad Enija is located.

Once the glorious residence of King Kaid, the building was bought by a wealthy silk merchant from Fez in 1860 who

engaged the most accomplished craftsmen to renovate and convert it into his own family retreat.

Decades later, Riad Enija was re-renovated and transformed with painstakingly loving care to create

an exquisite oasis of comfort and aesthetic taste.